0.2.1 (2019-08-14)

  • Minor patch release to fix the tagging.

0.2.0 (2019-08-14)

  • Removed xmler dependency, simplified, and re-implemented the logic using xmltodict.

  • Added more tests, including for the CLI and increased tests coverage over 96%.

  • Added Python 3.8 to supported versions.

  • Removed Python 3.4 from supported versions.

    NOTE: This was supposed to be 0.1.4, but instead of bumprevision patch I ran bumprevision minor, and since the PR is yet be pass TravisCI, I’ll do a follow-up patch release.

0.1.3 (2019-02-20)

  • Fixed an issue with garbage data appearing from previous transformations (with deepcopy()).

0.1.2 (2019-02-07)

  • Working JSON transformation with multiple input files.

0.1.0 (2018-10-30)

  • First release on PyPI.